Royal Stag

Since 2019

Make It Large

Established in August 2019, Winner Liquor Udhyog is the sole manufacturer and distributor of Royal Stag- One of the Best Selling products of Pernod Ricard. Our products are manufactured under the high protocol and the standards set by International Forums of the distillery industry.


We are paving our path to success with the ambition of manufacturing and distributing the single malt scotch whisky as an antidote to the norm of the Nepali distillery industry. Focused on standing out in the market, we strive to become a blustery force in the production of smooth, well-aged drinks and fill people’s lives with Good Moments.


Our products are manufactured under the state-of-the-art plant, meeting Pernod Ricard's worldwide standards. Our Jhapa production facility is where the palatable Royal Stag gets manufactured, bottled, and distributed throughout Nepal. 

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