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Seagram's Royal Stag 180ML

Volume: 180 ML
Brand: Seagram
Category: Whisky
Country: Nepal
Alcohol: 42.8%
Royal Stag Deluxe Whisky is a blended whisky that consists of the perfect blend of imported Scotch Malts and selected Indian Grain Spirits. The Deluxe, like every Royal Stage product, has no artificial color and flavor.
ROYAL STAG Deluxe whisky is a full-bodied whisky with exceptional smoothness, taste, and malty flavor. The aroma of deluxe is leafy (cut grass), wood fruity (tropical fruit) with a touch of smoke (burnt wood). The mouthfeel is smooth with smoky and pleasant after taste. In fact, it is one of the very few blended whiskeys that can be taken on the rocks. 
The Deluxe Whisky comes in stylish packaging of cream shaded carton. The latest bottle looks tall, sleek, giving masculine vibes. These all make the deluxe appear modern, sophisticated, and young.