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25 Amazing and Witty Facts about whisky !!!

May 5 ,2022

Whisky, the best-selling alcoholic drink, is a beloved drink worldwide. Also, it is the most recognized and appreciated beverage so far. Being such an international liquor, it is congenital that Whisky holds several amazing and curious facts.


So whether you are a whisky expert or have only tasted it, you will be stunned to discover some facts about Whisky listed below:


  1. The Scots spell Whisky without "e," whereas the Irish spell Whiskey with "e ."It is due to variations between Scottish and Irish Gaelic.
  2. Believe it or not, in Gaelic, Whisky has been referred to as "Uisge Beatha or Usquebaugh," meaning "Water of Life. "
  3. Different versions of Whiskeys are called "Expressions."
  4. Whiskey is the official state beverage of Alabama.
  5. No one knows who invented Whisky and who produced this magic drink. Irish Monks in Ireland created Whisky.
  6. There are 5-7 major Whisky regions, i.e., Scotch Whisky, Irish Whisky, Bourbon, Canadian Whisky, Tennessee Whisky, Japanese Whisky and New Zealand Whisky.
  7. There is a variety of Scotch Whiskey, but the major ones are Blended Whisky, single grain Whisky, blended malt whisky and single malt whisky.
  8. There are over 5,000 types of single malt whisky.
  9. It's believed that Whisky survives more years than human beings if appropriately sealed.
  10. A bottle of Whisky can survive 100 years without losing the drink's taste.
  11. Many Bourbon distilleries had converted to make fuel and penicillin during World War 2.
  12. Referring to Whisky as medicine, the only Whisky, namely Scotch Whisky, US legalized import during the prohibition era and prescribed to cure many different illnesses.
  13. Sixty-nine-year-old James B.Beam got his distillery up and running just 120 days after prohibition ended.
  14. Sir Nikola Tesla consumed Whisky every day because he believed it would make him live for 150 years.
  15. Being the World's Oldest Whisky, The Glenavon Special Liqueur holds the Guinness World Word Record.
  16. Bill Willson, the founder of "Alcoholics Anonymous," asked for whiskey on his deathbed, but the nurse refused to do so.
  17. In gatherings, instead of yelling Cheers!While tinkling glasses, Scots will utter "Slainte," meaning good health, when sharing a darn with their friends and families.
  18. India is the largest producer and consumer of Whiskeys in the world. 
  19. Besides the US and India, France is the biggest consumer of Whisky worldwide.
  20. A 25 ml quantity of Whisky contains around 55 calories, the same number of calories as a peach.
  21. To some people, Whisky tastes like burnt arse.
  22. Barrels can be used four times again.
  23. In 2010, the oldest bottle of Whisky (about 115 years old) was in Antarctica.
  24. Today Whisky is in over 30 countries, with fine drams emerging from Japan, India, Taiwan, Sweden, New Zealand, the USA and even England.
  25. Whisky has one of the highest taxation rates in the world(up to