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Wine vs whisky? Which is better for health?

May 25 ,2022

Wine and whisky both are well-known beverages loved in the world. Although both beverages contain alcohol and have similarities, wine and whisky are two different beverages but for some it’s hard to understand the difference between both beverages.

So,let’s dive into the blog where we breakdown everything that you need to know about Wine and Whisky.

Exploring the Difference Between Wine and Whisky

Steps Involved in Production:

Both beverages have been produced using the available resources and tools from ancient times. At present, technology has brought ease to the use of human power. Five basic steps of wine manufacturing include harvesting, crushing and pressing, fermentation, clarification, and then aging and bottling. In contrast, there are 7 steps in producing whisky- Selection & Preparation, Malting, Mashing,  Fermentation, Distillation, Aging, and Blending.

Controlled Alcohol Content:

Alcohol mixture is a crucial part of wine and without alcohol wine would be just a juice.Basically,wine can have anywhere between 5% and 23% ABV and the average alcohol content is 12%. The taste may vary as each wine contains different levels of alcohols contents.But you can likely find more alcohol content in whisky with a minimum of 40% to highest 50% of ABV.However it can be more than 50% of ABV as whisky is hard drinks with strong aroma and flavors.

Grab Varieties Of Beverages:

In general Wine is up for grabs in different varieties i.e red wine, white wine, sweet wine, rose wine and so on. Each of the wines may vary the taste as each has different flavors with variation of alcohol contents. The types of wines are classified as per the colors and tastes. But the types of whisky are available more than you recognized i.e scotch whisky, irish whisky, bourbon whisky, blended whisky and many more.

Fresh and Unique Tastes:

Wine is basically fermented fruit juice, which has less alcoholic content than a whisky and will give you a slightly buzzed feeling. But whisky is somewhat more of the typical drink you have. Whisky and wine both have an immense lot of variety.However, a wine has a typically fruity flavor but whisky gets much more of a flavor. Moreover, a bottle of wine is more of a soft drink but whisky is a strong drink with aroma and strong amount of alcohol.

Know When it’s time to Cut Back For Health Benefits?

It's important to know when deciding how much to drink and insight how it will affect you. There are many benefits of cutting back on whisky as drinking a limited amount of whisky can improve your health, boost your immune system and lose weight compared to other alcoholic beverages. As well as having an actively positive effect on the body, whisky is also the healthiest alcohol you can drink. It contains no fat and rarely any sugar or carbohydrates. It barely changes the level of sugar in your blood, making it a quality choice for diabetics than other alcohol. Furthermore, whisky contains higher ellagic alcohol than wine which kills cancer and reduces tumors.

But make sure that these benefits are only implemented with modest consumption of whisky.

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