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DOES WHISKEY AND TEA WORK? - A Detailed Description

July 7 ,2022

Sounds like a bizarre combination but actually mixing tea and whisky go well together. In fact tea and whisky unfolds generations of deep relation as both are traditional drinks with unique tradition and rich culture.  It’s quite surprising to know the secret to pairing tea and whisky is actually a good match and enjoyable. Isn’t it? The drink can be enjoyed but it is beneficial for your health too. It’s a drink that is medicinally used and it works too. You can relish tea and whisky in many ways. 

What does “ Whisky and tea” taste together?

The mixture of whisky and tea has extracted many forms over the years and extended till date. When both drinks are accurately combined, it creates a flavorsome drink that whisky consumers will fall in love with. As both the whisky and tea are tranquilizing food with soothing quality, their flavors work in harmony.

The mixture intensifies each other's aromatics and bursts out the taste by splitting smoke, tropical fruits, herbs and malts.It’s an absolutely appetizing experiment that you can try by yourself too.The mixture can be taken anytime you desire but it’s  more enjoyable when consumed on rainy days or cold winter nights.


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How to make Hot Whisky Tea?

Try out the mixture to impress your friends and families with your unbelievable skills. It won’t take your whole day but just spare yourself from other work for a few minutes and start the recipe. Though the process is easy and simple, try out experimenting for just a single serving as a trail. So let's begin with the process of making whisky and tea together by assembling the  ingredients.


Here is what you need for simple hot whisky tea

~ water

~ tea bag/tea leaves

~ whisky

~ Honey to taste

~ Lemon slices

~ Cinnamon stick(optional)

~ Cloves(optional)


Now the directions to get your whisky tea ready

~ Combine the water and spices in a teapot.

~ Remove the teapot  from heat as it starts boiling.

~ Add tea leaves/tea bags and steep for ½ minutes.

~ Remove the tea bag.

~ Add sugar or honey .

~ Pour the whisky  of your choice.

~ Squeeze lemon juice or drop the lemon into a mixture for citrus flavor.

~ Finally stir the drink and enjoy the hot whisky tea.


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How to make Cold Whisky Tea?

Ingredients for cold whisky tea

~ Whisky

~ Black tea syrup

~ Lemon juice

~ mint(optional)

~ ice


~ Boil the water 

~ Add tea leaves and sugar. Steep it for few minutes

~ Let the hot tea cool down 

~ Fill the shaker with mint, ice,whisky and lemon juice.

~ The cold whisky tea is ready to serve and enjoy.

Which Whisky Goes Well With Tea?

When you experiment with a different taste with “Whisky Tea”, it’s obvious that you will look for the best whisky in Nepal. It is the most challenging part to discover the combination of your taste buds in the presence of various teas and whiskeys brands. We recommend you to go with Royal Stag and get started with a recipe of your own.

Royal stag, the authentic drink with no artificial color and flavor is the perfect pairing with tea as it infuses the aroma of leafy, woody, fruity with a touch of smoke. The smooth flavored whisky compliments and blends with any kind of tea you are utilizing. So, if you are eager to create your personal favorite recipe for whisky and tea, Royal Stag can be a great companion to your favorite pack of tea. Unexpectedly the price of Royal stag is very affordable and available in three various size packs all over Nepal.


Whether it be a grand celebration or just casual normal days, Royal stag makes your every moment large. 

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