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Top 5 best Mixers for Whisky

February 14 ,2022

Whisky is amazing when sipped on its own, but there’s nothing quite as refreshing as a whiskey-based cocktail. For a more flavorful sip, your cocktail must have a balance of smoky whiskey with sweet or sour fruity or carbonated flavors. Thus, having a good knowledge of whisky cocktails will help you host your small parties or fulfill your wish for a soberish whisky drink.  

So, let's dive into the mixing options and recipes that will pump up your whisky cocktail game. 


 Top 5 Best Mixers for Whisky

1.) Chilled Coke but not diet coke:

The great thing about a Whisky and Coke is that you can use any whisky. Coke has such a strong flavor that it easily overpowers the whisky. For an extra chilled drink, you can add a few cubes of ice before mixing the drink.

2.) Freshly squeezed Orange juice:

Orange juice is a fantastic mixer because of its tart flavor and lightly sweet finish. Make a bold combination of whisky and orange juice. The sweetness of orange juice somehow helps to balance the bitterness of alcohol. Indeed, the whisky and orange juice combination is ideal for cocktail connoisseurs since it creates an elegant drink that is minimalist and simple.

3.) Pressed Apple cider:

Basically, apple cider is made by pressing apples to produce apple juice. Apple Cider and Whiskey are a match made in heaven, with the fiery whiskey nicely complementing the sweet-sour cider. You can also add cinnamon and cloves for the spice kick.

4.) Soda water:

You can mix whiskey and soda in whatever proportions, and you have a boozy, bubbly drink in less than 30 seconds. While flavored sodas are great, their sweet flavor often masks the deep flavors of the whiskey. You can have soda and still retain the flavor by using club soda, which has a neutral flavor.

5.) Fresh or store-bought Lemonade:

Lemonades are really refreshing. You may prepare it at home or buy lemonade from the shop. When you combine Whisky and lemonade with fresh herbs like rosemary or fresh mint, you will enjoy the refreshing goodness.

You may use either pink or ordinary lemonade as a base and herbs or lemon slices for garnishing. For an extra chilled drink, you can just add ice cubes.


Are Whisky Cocktails Bad For You?

If you have whisky on a standard amount which is 50ml for females and 75 ml for men in a day, then you can have health benefits such as decreasing chances of heart attacks, tumors, and a good boost to your immunity system. Talking about cocktails, whisky cocktails contain less whisky, resulting in less whisky in the body and less intoxication. Moreover, you will enjoy your whisky like never before. However, if you don't find cocktails good, the old-school neat whiskey or whisky on rocks is always there as an option.


Why is Royal Stag- The Best Whisky in Nepal

You can find various whisky brands in the market, but Royal stag owns the badge of the best whisky in Nepal as it offers the best quality and flavor. Whether you have a whisky cocktail or just whisky, Royal Stag is the right brand to rely on. The other factor that contributes to making RoyalStag the best whisky in Nepal is its smoothness, no artificial tastes, and colors and smoky flavor.


Be it Cocktail or Neat Shot, Royal Stag makes your moments LARGE!!!!


Waning: Drink Responsibly to avoid accidents!!! For that, you can track your drink units, drink slowly, avoid drinking and driving, and stick to one drink.


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