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Is Whisky Brewed In Nepal Expensive?

February 6 ,2022

Whisky Lovers in Nepal often stumble upon the query of" Is Whisky brewed in Nepal expensive?" or "Best Whisky in Nepal" or "Price of Whisky in Nepal." With this blog, we aspire to answer this question.


Essentials of Whisky Brewing

Whisky connoisseurs are well-aware of the types of whisky. Irish whisky, Scotch Whisky, Japanese Whisky, Canadian Whisky, Bourbon whisky, Tennesse whisky, rye whisky, blended whisky, single malt whisky are some of the popular varieties of whisky. Now, depending on the type of whisky, its aging and where it was manufactured, the prices vary. Furthermore, most people prefer European Whisky. 

Even though the process of brewing is the same, the barrel, environment, water and care from manufacturers play key roles in making the best-quality whisky. Starting with mixing grain mash, water, optional additives, yeast followed by fermenting the base, straining the mixture, Distillation and collection, aging the liquor, diluting, and bottling are the major steps in manufacturing a good-quality whisky.


Whisky Brewery and distribution in Nepal

In Nepal, traditional production of alcohol like" Jaand," "Chiyang," "Aila," "Tongba" is produced. These are made with grains and yeast. Due to globalization and visits to foreign nations, love for Whisky has comparatively increased. During festivals, gatherings, and celebrations, whisky is consumed. Big brands in whisky manufacturing ensure to make their products the best in quality and prices. Not only that, but quantity, price, and taste may differ from brand to brand.

Talking about Nepal, whisky brands in Nepal ensure to come up with their own authentic and unique taste of liquor. Brewing their own whisky has become something of an opportunity as well as challenge. However, people feel that whiskies brewed in Nepal are comparatively expensive and low in quality. Whiskies produced in Nepal aren't produced in large numbers but require raw materials to produce high-quality whiskies; thus, the price is comparatively expensive. In conclusion, whiskies brewed in Nepal are expensive; however, it doesn't hamper the quality and taste.


Among the various names, Royal Stag is one prominent brand loved by Nepalese. Royal Stag with a medium-bodied, well-rounded palate with traces of fruity smokiness offers a leafy aroma with generous hints of fruitiness and smoke. It has a pleasant, smooth finish. Because of these factors, people even call it "Best Whisky in Nepal."

In Nepal, Royal Stag, produced by WinnerLiquors, is a premium whisky that will lighten up your occasions and celebrations that are too under budget-friendly. RoyalStag is available all over Nepal in various pack sizes.


What about RoyalStag's Pack Sizes?

Given the tag of Best Whisky in Nepal, RoyalStag is available in different sizes and the prices vary as well.

Let's look into the sizes and prices of RoyalStag whisky.

Royal Stag 750ML- Rs.1800

Royal Stag Deluxe Whisky 375ML- Rs.900

Royal Stag Deluxe Whisky 180ML- Rs.450

The profile of high quality, smoky, malty, briny, and smooth Royal Stag whiskey is so diverse among whisky brands in Nepal. Not only that, you can utilize RoyalStag whisky in cocktails for girls' night-out or the" businessman talk" or just celebrating life.


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