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Whisky vs Rum: Which One is Better?

June 28 ,2022

Rum and whiskey; Aren't they the same, or are rum or whisky different from each other ? These questions might arise for a newbie in the alcohol consumption group or even for a population who doesn't drink alcohol but wants to keep information. Well, both liquors are two alcoholic drinks that are fermented, distilled, processed, and aged with a unique flavor. In fact, they are great for mixing base liquors. However, Rum And Whisky aren't the same; They are different from each other.

So, to bring clarity to " Rum vs. Whisky, "we have come up with this blog. Let's get started!!

4 Points of Difference between Rum and Whisky

1. History & Origin

Rum is thought to be originated in Latin America and Caribbean countries, where slaves figured out alcohol could be made from fermented molasses. While some believe that rum originated in the West Indies in the early 1650 and was called “Rumbullion” or “kill-devil.” Later, people decided to call it rum. 

Talking about whisky, the first incident is expected to be of Yunani in the 3rd century when they were making perfumes. Later in the 13th century, whisky was made in Ireland and Scotland, where the monks taught them distilling techniques. Grain was used to make whisky as an internal anesthetic and an exterior antibiotic in medicine. In later years, people began to drink alcohol as well.


2. The Process of Manufacturing 

Let's start with raw materials. Premium rum is produced from only one thing, and that is molasses(made from sugarcane juice). But for whisky, you will need a grain like wheat, barley, or corn along with yeast, water, barley, or any grain.

 In the manufacturing process, rum is double distilled using column stills or the most common copper pots. This is a crucial step as it determines the flavor-profile and aging time period in charred oak barrels.The two alcoholic drinks are produced using identical techniques. It undergoes fermentation, distillation, and aging before being consumed.


3. Physical and Chemical properties 

 Both drinks require additional flavoring from herbs and spices. Rum and whiskey are different in that whiskey relies more on herbs and spices for taste.

The components used and the manufacturing method have an impact on the color of both rum and whiskey. Rum is found in drinks with a golden hue, but whisky is browner and darker. Some variations, like single malt whisky, have clearer, deeper colors.

Whereas most rums are bottled at 40% ABV, certain "spiced" rums are blended with as little as 37.5 percent ABV, while whisky is typically bottled between 40 and 46 percent ABV.


4. Health Benefits & Risks

 When taken in moderation, whisky can control blood sugar levels, whereas premium or white rum helps ease body aches, nerve and muscle discomfort, inflammation and reduces arthritis.


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