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9 Amazing Tips to Drink Responsibly

September 21 ,2021

Drinking and having a good time with your friends and family is undoubtedly a great recreational activity. In fact, it has been shown that alcohol in limited amounts helps in improving overall performance. But, when you go beyond the limits, you can have immediate effects of alcohol consumption along with involvement in verbal or physical fights and, worse, get into accidents and lose/take lives.

Like it's said,” Prevention is better than Cure,” preparing yourself for the drinking time can be the best move. To avoid the mess and short-lived-enjoyment-but-long-lasting-scars which can be brought by over alcohol consumption, you can follow the following tips:


Eat Before (or During) Drinking

The small intestine is the fastest at absorbing alcohol. The longer alcohol stays in the stomach, the slower it is absorbed and affects the whole body. Food helps alcohol flow fast into your small intestine when eaten before, during, and after consumption. A combination of food rich in protein, lipids, and rich carbs will be an effective option for reducing the effects of alcohol use.


Know the Strength of Each Drink

The amount of ethanol (alcohol) in a regular drink is roughly 10 grams, which is the amount your body can handle in one hour. It's crucial to know what standard alcohol is so you can keep track of how much alcohol you consume when you're out. The amount of alcohol you can manage is determined by your age, weight, gender, and how you feel at the moment. To be precise, you must keep track of the glasses you are consuming.


Know your limits -- and don’t exceed them

One drink takes 60 minutes to wear off. According to science, you're most likely to commit crimes when your blood alcohol level (BAC) is 0.08 percent or above. Excessive and binge drinking can lead to injury, violence, unwanted pregnancy, STDs, and blackouts. As a result, before you decide to drink, you should be aware of the applicable regulations in your area, as well as the potential implications for you and your family.


Avoid Shots and Drinking Games

Drinking games such as "flip cup" or "quarters'' are risky because they encourage people to rapidly consume excessive amounts of alcohol while ignoring the negative consequences. Most partygoers will consume many drinks per hour. So, it's better to say NO to these shot games.


8 Hours Bottle to Throttle

If you follow the popular "eight hours bottle to throttle" rule, a practical standard for the aviation community, you may keep your drinking habits consistent yet under control. The guideline basically states that you will not consume any alcohol within eight hours of employment or duty under any circumstances. This is an excellent mantra for people who want to have a good time the next day yet still be productive.


Just say no' if you're

If someone is very young (under the legal drinking age), pregnant, or planning to become pregnant, breastfeeding, on medication, or depressed, alcohol should be avoided. In the above-mentioned situation, consuming alcohol can be fatal. These individuals should avoid alcohol-based parties for good growth and recovery.


Purchase Small Amounts

Alcohol in small doses can help to relieve tension and anxiety. However, stocking up on wine, beer, and liquor is the quickest way to jeopardize your efforts to drink wisely. When you want more beverages but not more alcohol, but only a low amount of alcoholic beverage or the same amount of alcohol-free or low-alcohol wine or beer.


No Mixing Please

Mixing drinks is a bad idea since with this act, it is easy to lose track of how many regular drinks you've had. Switching from a low-alcohol beverage to a higher-alcohol beverage may cause you to consume more alcohol. Drinking responsibly can be as simple as replacing alcoholic drinks with water or low-sugar soft drinks.


Stick with your squad

While going out, you must stay with your friends. Be "The Mom" and stop your friends from guzzling back-to-back shots or doing anything else dangerous. If you become the wild party person, puking, going unconscious, or otherwise not in a good state, your friends will assist you and get you safely home.



Life is all about making happy moments which may sometimes need a good drink like Royal Stag to get it better. However, one should always stay alert and prepared before chugging the drinks. You can use the tips mentioned above for drinking responsibly and avoiding chaos, hazards, or anything traumatic.

So, Just Drink Responsibly, Avoid Being Clumsy.