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Amazing Whisky Events of the world

December 25 ,2021

What’s that brown liquid that gives you a sensation of warmth as well as enjoyment? Extra hint: It's produced outside the body. Those who got the answer as Whisky, smarty brains!!!.With our previous blog on 10 FAQs on Whisky and Amazing History of Whisky, you might have some sort of information about whisky/whiskey. Well, adding to your General Info, pre-COVID period, i.e., in 2019, there were many whisky events conducted during the whisky weekend period, around world whisky day.


Let’s first start with what exactly is World Whisky Day.

In the year 2012, Blair Bowman started the tradition to observe the third Saturday of May every year as World Whisky Day. This day is generally celebrated by whisky enthusiasts all over the world with events, tastings, and gatherings. This is a special day for all whisky lovers because it gives them an official day to get drunk on malty, smooth, and smoky whiskey and celebrate life. Not just neat but because cocktail enthusiasts and bartenders are quite in trend. These cocktails are made with coffee, Indian spices, chocolate, citrus fruit juice, and tea. Furthermore, to make the best drink, whether the neat or the cocktails, you need The Best whisky (like RoyalStag ).

Moving ahead, let’s get to know more about  Four Major Whisky Events that happened during pre-COVID and are planning to come up with bigger and better events in 2022.

Whisky Show

The 11th edition of the Whisky Show was held on the banks of the Thames, near London Bridge, in Old Billingsgate. Whisky enthusiasts had been queuing for hours before the show's doors opened. There were more exhibitors, drams, and visitors than ever before. Exhibitors included many Scotch, American, and Japanese brands and distilleries from all over the world.

The Whisky Show became an exceptional whisky event due to its spacious display and the high standards maintained in the exhibition and serving up a wide variety of whiskies. The only complaint was that there were "so many whiskies and so little time to get through them." The Whisky Show successfully created a unique environment for serious discussions about the global whisky industry's market status and future.


Universal Whisky Experience

The Universal Whisky Experience, AKA The Nth, is a lavish celebration that matches the grandeur of Las Vegas. The collector-driven event is still going strong, and by 2022, it will have completed a decade. It is an annual show held in Las Vegas that features rare, very old, and unique whiskies, as well as the presence of leading industry icons, exhibitors, and guests, and, of course, Connoisseurs whisky lovers.

The event includes high roller pours, a lounge dinner and tasting experience, and a master class. If you're looking for a high-end whisky tasting event and are willing to spend a lot of money, this is the event for you, as the High Roller ticket package includes whisk(e)y tastings worth more than $300 per glass.


Fèis Ìle 

Fèis le, or The Islay Festival, is a gathering of whisky and Islay fans from around the world to celebrate Islay, her culture, and her spirit over ten days. The week-long whisky pilgrimage also includes activities other than tastings, such as food and music, as well as distillery tours. Fèis lé has been running for over three decades and continues to draw legions of Scotch fans to the peat-stoked, malt-soaked island. The island hosts gatherings, and drinkers flock to get their hands on the annual limited-edition releases every year.


Spirit of Speyside

The Spirit of Speyside Festival takes place in Speyside, with the River Spey at its heart and distilleries dotting the hills and valley. This five-day event brings together people from all over the world, both new to whisky and seasoned connoisseurs, together for exclusive experiences that will last a lifetime.The Speyside festival also includes distillery tours and masterclasses. This event not only honors whisky but also promotes culture. Furthermore, the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Award was established to recognize various tastes and profiles. The winner was revealed at the festival's final Ceilidh. Aultmore Distillery won the title. Every year, the festival invites you to more unique experiences.

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