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How Whisky Helps In Weight Loss?

November 10 ,2021

Whisky is more than simply your agent for providing warmth, bravery, and intellectual discussions; it also has several health advantages. Whisky decreases the incidence of heart disease and dementia, aids in the battle against cancer, the common cold, and digestion. Another good news for whisky fans is that it assists with weight loss.
So, Let’s dive into facts and details on how whisky helps in weight loss.

Calorie Count and Sugars in Whisky

A typical normal beer contains 150 calories, 125 calories are in red wine but in 45ml/1.5 oz of whisky (80 proof) contains 97 calories, equivalent to having no carbs. Whisky contains no fat and sometimes little or no sugar. Thus, whisky is a better choice for people with diabetes than most other alcoholic beverages. Whisky shall give the desired intoxication without affecting blood glucose levels. In fact, the Harvard study discovered that moderate amounts of alcohol, including whisky, may potentially protect against type 2 diabetes.
Due to the distillation process, whisky remains gluten-free. The sweetness of whisky mostly comes from other oils and compounds in the whisky, not sugar. In high-quality Scotch, Bourbon, Rye, or Irish Whisky Sugar is rarely present. Normal whisky will contain little or no sugar. Certain other whiskies include up to 2.5 percent caramel coloring; thus, some additional sugar may be present.

Dos and Don’t while having whisky in weight loss

If you opt for a waistline-friendly alcoholic drink, then whisky is your solution. Furthermore, whisky mixed with water or club soda makes an excellent low-calorie alcoholic beverage. However, do not consider whisky as a complete "diet" food. Along with a balanced diet and exercise, you can moderately consume whisky and have your weight reduced. Making cocktails and adding other things to your whisky other than water can also help you gain weight. By suppressing your appetite, you are more likely to feel full and less inclined to go for a bag of potato chips.
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