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The Royal Stag- Best Whisky in Nepal

November 5 ,2021

Seagram's Royal Stag was founded in 1995. Royal Stag has a delectable blend of Indian spirits and imported Scottish malt and is India's first liquor brand to use no artificial flavoring or coloring. Adding further details, Royal Stag Deluxe Whisky has a medium-bodied, well-rounded palate with a leafy aroma, smooth, woody fruity, and a touch of smoke. The smooth taste of the deluxe whiskey can be attributed to its 42.8 percent ABV (Alcohol By Volume). Deluxe, Premium, and Royal Stag Barrel Select are the products offered by Royal Stag. The deluxe version is now available in sizes 1L, 180, 375, 750, 90, and 60. The deluxe bottles are packaged in a more modern and appealing mono carton package.

Awards and Recognition

Royal Stag’s philosophy is "It's Your Life, Make it Large." With this philosophy, the brand inspires customers to make their lives more comfortable and exciting while enjoying the success pegs of the Malty Whisky. Royal Stag as a brand continues to move forward with the same zeal and dedication. 

In 2015, Royal Stag was named "India's Most Valuable Brand" in the liquor category in an in-depth ranking of Indian brands. Pernod Ricard intends to use this award to continue its premium brand development strategy. Royal Stag was named one of the "100 most valuable brands of the year" in terms of innovation, aspiration, and admiration in the same year.

Brand Ambassadors in India

Cricketers and Bollywood actors were featured and chosen as brand ambassadors in India. Cricketers such as Harbhajan Singh (India), Marvan Atapattu (Sri Lanka), Wasim Akram (Pakistan), Glenn McGrath (Australia), Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh, and Robin Uthappa appeared in brand advertisements. Popular Bollywood actors-Saif Ali Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Ranveer Singh, and Arjun Kapoor were also associated with the brand as brand ambassadors.

Recipes with Royal Stag

Whiskey is well-known for its flavor complexity and depth. Royal Stag can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks. If these aren't your cup of tea, the malty whisky can be used to make sweet, fruity, savory, smokey, and spiced cocktails or even lemonade. The versatility of Royal Stag makes it a must-have for your celebrations and parties.

Royal Stag in Nepal

Bringing such a large brand, "Royal Stag," to Nepal was quite a challenge. With Winners Liquors' consistent efforts, Royal Stag was brought to Nepal, and the company has since become the sole marketer and distributor of Royal Stag in Nepal. Since its establishment in 2019, Winner Liquors has promised to provide flavorful drinks for your enjoyment. 


Kollywood actors- DayaHang Rai, Anup Bikram Shahi, Benisha Hamal, Aayushman Desraj Joshi have featured in Royal Stag Nepal. Along with them, models Muna Gauchan and Malina Joshi, singer Girish Khatiwada, TV Precentor Suraj Singh Thakuri, Sandip Chhetri, and food vlogger Mr. Foodie are associated with the Royal Stag life celebration brand.

Final Take

Royal Stag is a leading Whisky brand in Nepal. For celebrating your life, full of blessing, you can have the Whisky. It is the perfect partner in your intellectual talk session or for having fun, relaxing night-inns with your girls. Not only that, you can have the festive season more enjoyable with Royal Stag drinks.


But, Remember Responsible Drinking for Responsible Living.