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Top 5 Foods To Pair-Up with Your Whisky

January 16 ,2022

After busy scheduled weeks, we all deserve a break and get time to spend with friends and family. Friends get together, family time, and parties involve hard drinks, including whisky. 

Whisky, traditionally, is taken after the meal, neat or with some ice cubes mixed. However, having whisky with great food can bring happiness to your palate at the same time comparatively decreasing the amount of whisky consumption.


So, with this blog, we bring you the 5 best foods that go well with whisky.

Let's get started!

  • Well-marbled steaks and meat

The combination of meat and whisky can never go wrong. If you are unsure of what to serve with whiskey, go for meat, as most people love meat with a whiskey shot. Whisky can be paired with dry and roasted as well as barbecued meat. The overwhelming richness of meats is a classic match with the whisky.


  • Soft and Delicate Cheese

People may not like Cheesy pickup lines, but they definitely love mac and cheese and Whisky and cheese combinations. The market offers various kinds of cheese. Their taste varies as the manufacturing process and storage is different. So, put some small cheese pieces or slices on the cheeseboard, consume it and enjoy the mingling of flavors.


  • Salty and Spicy Seafood

The taste of whisky and seafood goes well together with the mutually enhanced taste. The best way to enjoy whisky and seafood is by pairing with oysters and salmon, enhancing the taste of whisky and seafood. In fact, Salmon's fattiness pairs well with whisky's taste. Also, oysters and scallops have a deep minerality and mouth-puckering salinity that mix beautifully with a whiskey aged at a seaside distillery.


  • Semi-sweet Dark chocolates

Chocolate and whisky really compliment each other. You can sip the whisky and let the taste remain for a while before eating a piece of chocolate and sip another whisky as the taste melts in your mouth for a different new flavor. Sipping whisky with melting dark chocolate gives you a heavenly taste. In fact, Whisky enhances the flavor of dark chocolate. Also, you can mix different chocolates till you find the perfect match.


  • Classic munch like Dry fruits and nuts

Dry fruits and nuts are the basic bar-sized classic snacks that are healthy and easily found in all supermarkets. The flavor of nuts and whiskey goes well with each other. Strong whisky goes well with sweeter nuts, whereas sweeter whisky goes well with bitter ones.


Drinking whisky in limit will do wonders!!! 

When whisky is taken with a tasty food companion, whisky actually gives you better health benefits. Whisky contains fewer calories compared to other alcohol. Studies show that whisky has high ellagic acids, which kill cancer cells and reduce tumors. By consuming whisky in healthy amounts, you can reduce the chance of heart attacks and improve immunity power.

But remember, these benefits are all associated with moderate consumption; heavy drinking can lead to serious health issues.


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Warning: Drink Responsibly to avoid accidents or mishaps!!! For that, you can track your drink units, drink slowly, avoid drinking and driving, and stick to one drink